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What is PoE?

Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities let you power directly out of the switch and into another device. This allows you to put network endpoints in areas that aren’t easily accessible or are far away from other power sources.

Examples of devices powered by PoE include: VoIP phones, IP cameras including PTZ cameras, Wireless access point (WAPs), IP TV (PTV) decoders, network routers, a mini network switch, IP intercom, Public address (PA) system, hallway speaker amplifiers, wall clocks with the time set using Network Time Protocol (NTP), outdoor roof mounted radios with integrated antennas, outdoor point to point microwave and millimeter wave radios and some Free Space Optics (FSO) units, Industrial control system components, Intelligent lighting controllers, LED Lighting fixtures, stage and Theatrical devices, remote Point of Sale(POS) kiosks.

PoE devices follow certain standards for data communication and power delivery. So, these standards are followed while designing these devices. Usually, there are four types of standards followed while designing these devices and they are divided based on their power handling capacity.

You can look into this table and choose the appropriate PoE switch or POE injector for your PoE devices.

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