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Things work better when it’s clean

Our maintenance services include hardware firmware upgrades, software updates, proper cleaning of all equipment which includes deep cleaning when necessary, cable management in your rack or cabinet. Improper cable management can lead to a number of issues such as equipment interference and are at risk of being pinched and causing outages.

Proper cable management will not only support existing infrastructure but will also allow for future growth. DHS Phuket provides a server rack cabinet clean-up service, ensuring consistent connectivity for your business and making your space safer.

Our technicians carefully note each and every connection to ensure all systems are networked correctly. Everything gets labeled and documented.

Contact DHS Phuket for your network maintenance services.

Maintenance contracts are also available in;

√ monthly

√ bi-monthly

√ quarterly

√ bi-annually

Contact DHS

3 Spirit Co., Ltd.

14/16 Moo.5, Chao Fha West Road, Chalong, Muang, Phuket Thailand 83000

TEL. 076 390 794

ID Line: officialdhs

FB: @dhsphuket


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