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Tripwire Feature

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Tripwire is a part of IVS (Intelligent Video Surveillance). Tripwire feature allows you to monitor a defined area or line for tripwire. Despite motion detection is being commonly used for security camera, however there are some occasions of false alarms that would normally be caused due to animal, weather, trees or light. As tripwire alarm are able to distinguish between humans and vehicles, this technology helps increase efficiency of monitoring and guarding in a specific area.

Tripwire smart detection is ideal for a large warehouse, bank or retail store. This function is even found to be useful for the home. You may have an entry point where you can draw a virtual line that shouldn’t be crossed.

Tripwire can be drawn on any surface without creating anymore extra expense, this helps the owner avoid the need for a costly security guard in some properties.

After configuration on a security camera that supports this tripwire function, when a subject passes through the tripwire, you can be alerted via email or push alert to your smart Phone, flashing light or siren. This can help keep you alerted of any issue immediately while the recording video simultaneously on your recorder.

There are some limitations using this function. Tripwire is not recommended to use in a highly populated area. Instead, it’s recommended for an area with minimal movement and activity.

Most of the time it’s take approximately ten seconds for a tripwire to confirm a subject that has passed. When setting a tripwire, it is recommended to draw the line a few extra feet away from the area that you wish to guard in order to perform the operation in a more reliable manner.

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