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A New Era of Touchless Technologies

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

The epidemic situation of COVID-19 around the world hasaffects the way of life on people in every way and causes a “New Normal” lifestyle. People focused more on health, convenience, security, safety and hygiene.

Many of us are able to work from home while some gradually return to the office. Some place still spends much time in communal building such as hospitals, department store, factories or public facilities, these spaces still play a critical role in our society. Whether it is a door handle or stair rails, COVID-19 may remain active on some surfaces for few days.

However, people are now aware more on the hygiene and safety hence the increasing demand for touching technology is now surging. People tend to avoid areas with common touchpoints. The business owners are also looking for ways to make their space safer. We have notice now many places have implemented the use of access management solution to avoiding touch and minimize interactions as much as possible as to reduce risk of spreading the virus through various touch points.

Nowadays with technology that helps to facilitate a more convenient, faster and more diverse lifestyle without touch, we can see that there are already legacy technologies that support touchless behavior such as faucets or automatic toilets in public restrooms, QR code scanning to view restaurant menu instead of touching menu etc while new technologies increasing respond and driving this change.

Here are various types of touchless technology that you may use or has already been use throughout your property.

Gesture recognition

As one of the most common touchless technologies, gesture recognition allows us to use simple gestures to control devices. You may think of the technologies that you already use, like waving your hand to open a door, or turn on the running water in a public bathroom sink. This is reduced chance of the spread of germ. This technology has also developed a fast-growing in the video game industry as an example of the release of the gesture controller fitted Nintendo video game, Wii in 2005 which accommodated the use of both physical gestures and traditional buttons. Gesture-based video game controllers have since then become a common technology in the gaming industry.

Touchless sensing

Touchless sensing can detect the presence or motion of a person under a sensor. Like gesture recognition, touchless sensing has become rather commonplace in our every-day-lives. We have gone through an automatic door at convenience store, hotel or commercial building. So, everyone of us has experienced touchless sensing technology.

Voice recognition

Voice recognition systems let users interact with technology simply by speaking to it. Many of us may experience Siri, Google, Alexa and Cortana which have transformed the way we think about virtual assistants and their ability to handle tasks for us, for example we can make hands-free requests, set a reminder or finding a restaurant etc.

Touchless Access Control

Another crucial aspect of this decentralization of workplace systems is contactless access control. Workplace access control is largely dominated by biometrics authentication and the use of key cards. To ensure more frictionless, safer, and smart access control, a shift to touchless technology for access becomes inevitable.

Facial recognition access control systems are another no-touch technology that comes in handy for workplace areas that requires a higher level of security. Facial recognition systems detect facial patterns and compare them with what has already been stored in its system to confirm access. It’s then identified those who are not meant to be at the properties.

You may find this feature of facial recognition to unlock your iPhone which is another great way.

Personal devices

For technology to be completely touch-free it must operate without the need for physical contact.

But the introduction of smartphones and other personal devices have made nearly-free technology possible as well. Anything that operates at the command of your own personal device allows you to avoid touching public surfaces. Personal control devices in the form of workplace mobile apps, phone cameras, and wearables take the center stage to ensure a contactless workplace.

Touchless technology is a fast-emerging technology with a lot of growth opportunities. Modern properties should take it into consideration as early as possible and grow with it. This is the ideal time to do so and show your care for people’s health and wellness.

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