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The ten best practices to avoid a burglary, as suggested by the burglars themselves.

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

A recent survey took place at a large detention center in the USA, where humble long-term inmates were willing to share their past experiences and advice on better ways to protect your home.

1. Raise the level of visibility. Burglars (Kamoy’s in Thai language) don't want to be seen, so they tend to look for homes with high fences/walls or perimeters surrounded by overgrown trees or bushes. If you do have a high wall or fence then consider planting or hanging baskets with spiky trees or shrubs. Bougainvillea is very colorful and looks beautiful, but underneath the beauty is an array of thorns that kamoy’s will not consider passing. It’s easy to maintain and is a great natural defence to keep the intruders away. Improving the outdoor lighting, including sensor lighting around your property, will also help to deter them from choosing your home.

2. Install Security cameras and make them visible. Having CCTV cameras around your home that can be clearly seen, will provide a great deterrent. If the uninvited guest can see the cameras, then the cameras can probably see them!! Being able to monitor your home from your smartphone can also provide you with the assurance your home is safe.

3. Get to know your neighbors. If not already, knowing your neighbours will provide you with confidence somebody is looking out for you when you are away from your home. Working together as a team can help you all be more aware of suspicious people coming and going from your district.

4. Ensure the doors and windows are locked. Most burglars came in through an unlocked door or window. It is surprising how many homeowners think they will never be robbed and so leave the doors open. Let’s not make it so easy for these people.

5. High-Quality Door and Window locks. Making the extra investment in better locking systems will quite possibly STOP the burglar from breaking in your home. We cannot stop the burglar from trying but with strong locking systems, we can certainly make it very difficult for them.

6. Get a dog with a BIG bark. Introducing a furry family member to your home may be the best deterrent of all. Nearly all burglars in the survey said they would not attempt to visit a home where there was clear evidence of noisy dogs living there.

7. Home Intrusion Alarm Systems. If you don’t already own one, then this a wise investment to monitor your home with different types of the movement sensor. The system can notify you, your family, the friendly neighbours, and even possibly the police or a response team of an intrusion. This is a smart way of protecting your family and assets. The visible security system is perhaps the #1 deterrent for any burglar.

8. Turn on a radio or TV inside the home. If somebody is at home, most burglars would not attempt to insight a break in, with fear they would disturb somebody. So even if nobody is at home, we can still appear, we are.

9. Keep an extra vehicle in the driveway. Another way of appearing to be at home is by having a vehicle of some type parked at home and insight from the exterior of the house. Almost all burglars said they would think twice and probably not consider the risk if there was a car in the driveway or carport.

10. Get a safe. In the event that someone gets by your other home security strategies, make sure that valuables are protected. An in-home safe is a secure depository for everything from jewelry to vital documents like passports. You want a safe that is fire-resistant, waterproof, and heavy enough that a thief can't walk away with it.

If you are thinking about home security and seeking advice, please contact DHS. Our role is to provide you with the best advice and system guidance that will best suit your lifestyle.

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